Life imitating art?


Scene from 50 First Dates

Scene from the movie “50 First Dates”. “We liked each other right away. But you didn’t remember me the very next day.”

The movie ‘50 First Dates’ is about a young woman whose brain injury erases any memory of the previous day.

Her suitor comes up with an innovative idea: a memory tape which the injured woman plays each morning to help her remember the people in her life and daily routine since her injury. The movie inspired caregivers to try similar with their Alzheimers patients. Patients were reported to be soothed and calmed by these simple videos.

Another idea might be to create a photo album [using copies or even cut-outs from old magazines and catalogs] for patients to thumb through and remember. Label each photo clearly. In both the video and album, include images of caregivers to remind patents who will help them to get dressed and start the day. All people are different. If the album is not well received, consider giving the photo album to a young child or a non-English-speaker to help with reading comprehension.

Making photo album

November is National Alzheimers Disease Month and National Family Caregivers Month.

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